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Crystal beings

Crystals have been used for thousands of years as tokens and talismans for their Crystal Meanings and healing properties believed to help support and enhance your personal journey through life. Each crystal is believed to hold a different healing property or meaning. Through your path of self discovery and learning, you can learn to harness their energy.

In a sense, using crystals is similar to a form of spirituality, and can be used to support your journey through life and help you achieve harmony and balance. Navigating Crystal Meanings and crystal healing properties is a very personal experience which is felt differently by each person. Our Crystal Meanings provide a guide from our experiences with crystals and through our years of experience and conversations with other crystal connoisseurs. Take a moment to meditate with your crystal to learn to understand its power and place in your life.

Each crystal will resonate with you differently, so, working with multiple crystals through different phases in your life will help you understand self reflection, meditation and hopefully give you access to new insights. It is our hope that you may be able to navigate the information provided with sensitivity, certainly not avoiding sensible, professional Health Care from your Doctor or Health Provider when facing legitimate wellness concerns, but as a Tool to build Insights into intuition — helping to navigate your inner world.

It is by no means to be considered a substitute for personal advice from a Medical Professional, and makes no direct therapeutic claims. See the crystal meanings grid below to learn which stones are right for your unique path… Just click on the image.

Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Subscribe to our newsletter. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Crystal Meanings. Aegirine 1 Product. Agate 20 Products. Amazonite 8 Products. Amber 5 Products. Amethyst 88 Products. Ametrine 1 Product. Ammolite 2 Products.

Ammonite 10 Products. Angelite 1 Product. Apatite 5 Products. Apophyllite 9 Products. Aqua Aura Quartz 1 Product. Aquamarine 12 Products. Aragonite 1 Product.

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Astrophyllite 1 Product.Star childrenalso known as crystal, indigo, and rainbow kids, are souls who have incarnated at this time to help Mother Earth and all of humanity to transcend duality and ascend to higher levels of light and love. These soul groups arrive here able to maintain a higher vibration during this life thanks to the increased vibration of the rest of humanity. You can recognize them by how closely they embody their true and divine selves and by their strong sense of purpose.

They have come to spread light and love, increase the planetary vibration, and help us to move away from the delusion of duality. They're often powerful and generous spiritual teachers as well. Crystal children also have a deep connection with nature and are often incredibly clear about their purpose for being here.

When clear and connected, they have an innate trust in following their hearts, confident that this is the highest and best way to help. They can, however, become disconnected. Things like processed food, environmental toxins, and chemicals have a strong and negative impact on this group of sensitive souls.

In addition, they often get grumpy or feel out of sync when they're not getting enough outside and nature time. These children and adults are generally laid-back, though highly sensitive to the emotions of others.

Many people are unnerved when crystal children look directly into their eyes. Their large and deep eyes are penetrating and others are left with the sense that their soul has been seen and read, which it has.

Crystal children can easily tell if someone is being truthful, and living with their heart open.

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It can be a sign that you're cut off from the light of your heart, or that you are out of alignment with your purpose or true self.

Crystal children and adults are perhaps the most forgiving generation. They're also quite fearless, and seem to see past the limitations of the physical realm… Seeing and believing at a deep level from early childhood, that who they are as a physical being is a small portion of their full truth and vibrant soul power and light. The next generation after Indigo children, Crystals function more with a group consciousness, as opposed to individual consciousness.

From a young age they seem to embody the understanding that we are all One. They have an authoritative air about them and often seem more like sages or teachers than young people. Love emanates from every word and action. They are evidence that humanity is evolving and role models for a life lived with the higher self as center, and not the ego. Crystal children are loving and powerful old souls who have come here now to answer humanities collective desire to evolve.

If you know a crystal child, be sure to encourage them in exploring their own nature and feel free to use them as role models for raising your own vibration and joy. And if you are a crystal child, or star seed adult… I invite you to take reading this post as an open invitation to step into your light… And start taking steps towards accomplishing your unique soul purpose of raising the vibration of the planet, restoring peace, love and making a difference one moment and one step at a time.

I have to say your doing a great job! Keep up the good work and take care! This is a beautiful description and very very accurate!! If I may add something which I think is also important, crystal children are also here to help humanity to rebuild the earth after the shift… we bring the vision of the future for humanity to help creating a world with love, peace and unity.

We come from higher realms, we have seen how beautiful this planet can be and we understand the potential humanity has. The numbers you are talking about are from your personal numerology numbers, right?

crystal beings

I have two 7s and two 11s on my basic report. At first I thought I was an indigo, just from my basic inability to follow orders that seems stupid, and because I was born in the 70s, but after reading this article, I am now convinced I must be a crystal person. I must have been in denial because my dad is a quartz Crystal miner. Hi really like reading about crystalline people wondering do u have more information on crystalline child and parents. Hello Melanie! I am born May4thbut its says 11, 22, 33, 44, or 7.

Melanie, I am a crystal child born on 4. I also love your way of speaking that makes my heart light.Interdimensional beings influenced the beginnings of various human civilizations. They were humanoids but stood at an average height of nine feet, and their heads were elongated.

Instead of bone, their skeletons were made of a crystalline property which held magnetic qualities. Those thirteen beings were situated in the Temple of Akatorperhaps as a kind of ruling council. According to Irina Spalko they thought and acted as a hive mind and a single being.

How Crystals Became A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

For some reason they were left there as crystal skeletons. Centuries later, Francisco de Orellana found the temple during his search for the legendary town of El Dorado. Among other treasures, he took the crystal skull of one such skeleton. During his trip back, the mental power of the skull forced him to return it to Akator, but he was killed before he could do so and buried together with the skull.

The legend about the robbery spread and said that he who would return the skull would receive great power. More beings visited Earth to search for the missing thirteen.

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A third crashed in Roswell in Jones was part of the team ordered to examine the remains of a "mutilated" body from the site in absolute secrecy. The body was kept in Hangar 51 in Nevada until it was stolen by Irina Spalko 's team ten years later. When Jones had recovered the missing skull and reached the Temple of Akator with his companions, followed by Spalko and her soldiers, they found the thirteen crystal skeletons, one of them headless.

Spalko joined the skull to the skeleton, which, through Oxley, started to speak in the Mayan language, saying it would give them a great gift. Spalko demanded to know everything, and the thirteen started firing knowledge out of their skulls into her eyes. The Temple started to collapse, opening a portal to another dimension.

Indy's band managed to escape from the temple. Meanwhile, the thirteen skeletons joined together to form a single being right before Spalko. The knowledge from the beings began to overwhelm her and she begged it to stop. But the being continued the transfer and Spalko's eyes ignited and her body disintegrated.

Her remains were sucked into the portal and the other Soviets in the room were pulled in as well by their weapons and ammo belts. Jones, Marion RavenwoodMutt Williams and Oxley found their way out above the valley of Akatorand observed the temple's collapse, revealing a huge flying saucer which vanished soon after. Indy asked Oxley if the ship went into space. The concept of including aliens as the MacGuffin in the fourth Indiana Jones film came about in part due to the s setting, a time in which B-movies featuring aliens were prevalent.

However, director Steven Spielberg intially pushed against the concept as he had already done "alien films" by the time the fourth film started development such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E. Following the successful release of Roland Emmerich 's Independence DayGeorge Lucas revised the concept, moving away from flying saucerswhich were a large element of Independence Day and reframing the aliens as interdimensional travelers.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Williams : " What are they? Contents [ show ]. They were archaeologists. Categories :. Cancel Save.The aim of this therapy is to restore wholeness, balance and health on levels of emotions, mind, spirit as well as the physical body. This is why crystal healing is considered complementary to conventional medicine and not an alternative.

43 Traits of Crystal Children. Who Are The Crystal Children?

Crystal Healing often involves some form of change in a client's overall way of being. It may be through a relief of stress and tensions, through revitalisation, relaxation or establishing a greater amount of peace and harmony.

Crystal Healing is also helpful in complementing most forms of conventional medical practice. Crystal Healers are not permitted or trained to diagnose physical ailments. They do however assess the condition of the bio-magnetic field of a client before choosing appropriate crystals to help bring it back into balance. Since the state of the bio-magnetic field relates to and influences the state of the physical body, this process will help activate, support and often accelerate the natural self-healing process It may be of interest to note that this field, also known as the electro magnetic field or aura, has been discussed and contemplated within the realm of healing and philosophy for thousands of years.

It is only fairly recently that science has proven that it must exist around every physical body and organism, thereby helping, amongst other, to validate crystal healing. What to expect during a healing session from a client's point of view. You will be asked to fill in a form with your details, the name of your GP or specialist and have a brief chat concerning your reasons for seeking healing.

The healer will then ask you to either sit on a chair or lay down fully clothed on a massage couch, in which case you will be asked to remove your shoes.

You may experience a feeling of deep relaxation, sometimes a little warmth or coolness during the session. Most treatments take approximately one hour. Crystal Beings. Search this site. Crystal Healing.

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Holistic Massage. Hot Stone Massage Therapy. Contact Me. Natural Organic Facials. Gift Vouchers. What is Crystal Healing? How does it work? Why would the specific placement of crystals have any effect on the well-being of our bodies?What is Your Spirit Animal?

Be sure to Take the Quiz! Crystal Meanings.

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If we can tap into the energies within the crystals, we can be guided by the divine nature that is waiting to be discovered. A comprehensive list of crystals with spiritual meanings, magical attributes and healing energies.

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Pick up a handful of crystals and feel the tingling sensations pulsating Crystals are breathtakingly beautiful and capture our full attention and imagination, as we wonder how they were created and where they came from It is here that your intuition awakens like never before, opening doors of knowledge and answering questions to the deepest questions that have been with you since you can remember, the questions of what it all means, and what we are here for.

You HAVE to see this!!!! What's Your Spirit Animal? Within each and every crystal or gemstone is a vibrational essence, a unique frequency of energy. Crystals interact with our own unique energetic frequency.

These frequencies within the crystals and gemstones emanate certain qualities that have been interpreted and assigned meaning for thousands of years, and have been used in healing and rituals by our ancient ancestors. With many crystals you can hold them in your hand and feel the tingle and movement of energies emanating from within. Once you experience this, you can't help but know that there's something of a divine nature within each and every stone, and of course you want to know more about them.

That's where crystal meanings come into play. Myths and Legends of Crystal Meanings. Throughout the ages, crystals have been used for healing, magic, divination, spiritual purposes, adornments, jewelry and trade.

Many crystal meanings and legends come from the stories of Atlantis and Lemuria. It is told through stories that have passed down through the ages, that these wonderous cultures used crystals to power their cities, advanced technologies and travel.

Atlanteans also worked with crystals to open the gateways of enlightenment and ascension, perhaps even to other dimensions. As with all energies and essences, the messages and help from the crystals will always be unique to the individual. A crystal will always meet you where you are and guide you to what is helpful to you at this time, opening you to new layers of awareness and being. As beings of spiritual energy, crystals always lovingly radiate the message of Namaste'.

Crystal Meanings List Just like meditation and energy healing, Crystal meanings and information presented here or on any other site are for your spiritual support, and can be used in addition to your medical treatment. Seek a licensed doctor or alternative healthcare practitioner for all medical and health issues.

Take the Magical Door Test!

crystal beings

Find out what awaits!Sources of Information:. Crystal Attributes and Tips. They may also find that the children or young adults who are genetically related to them, or who gravitate toward them, are also intensely unique. Crystal Children and Crystal Adults really are the next step in human evolution in frequency, mindset, and heart.

crystal beings

Unlike their predecessors whose vibrations and gifts are usually activated as they mature, Crystals are born already programmed with the information, DNA, energies, and frequencies associated with awakening—higher consciousness, enlightenment, and unconditional love.

If you suspect that you or someone in your life is a Crystal, here are many of the qualities of Crystals and ways to determine for sure:.

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Crystals have big, beautiful, captivating eyes that seem to see right into your soul. Crystals are extremely empathic and intuitive, and have a deep knowing about what people are really thinking and feeling.

Therefore, being in crowded places, cities, hospitals, etc. Crystals attract babies and animals who sense their high frequencies, and can also see the guardian angels or entities that are around the Crystal. Crystals have a deep love for and need to connect with nature and water, which are grounding and healthy for them. Crystals are gentle and wise beyond their years, and usually do not require traditional, discipline-style parenting. Crystals are very hurt by human tendencies to harm the environment and to disregard the other living creatures on this planet.

Crystals are very creative, artistic, smart and expressive in unconventional ways. They tend to begin talking later than other children because they feel words are unnecessary for communication—not because they are less intelligent or less capable.

Crystals are like a magnet for other people, but they are quite humble and prefer solitude, deep quiet, and time for reflection and re-balancing.

Crystal frequencies often disrupt gadgets, reception, and technological equipment. Crystals are about unconditional love, oneness, living from the heart, and service to others.

Ego appears noticeably absent in what they think and do. They may withdraw so as not to appear too out of control from the grief and guilt. Crystals have an innate and uncanny understanding of spirituality, the universe, and cosmos.To consciously participate in the integration of your universal expressions, you have to release any attachments to older and lower vibrations that defy or resist integration on every level of your universal being. Here are questions to get started:.

These questions cannot be comprehended by the human mind but can be addressed through human awareness. Awareness requires a conscious recognition of how you are participating in your own clean-up operation. This leads to the following set of questions:. Collaboration in our context is defined as the process of unifying energy fields to their highest magnetic resonance, to break through to the higher electrical currents of existence.

This is electronic freedom and relates to the like attracts like principal. The outcome is peace. Invite others to this experience of collaboration to create a new humanity. Practice the premier creativity that comes from peace. In a peaceful state you excel in: The concepts you entertain. The choices you make You manifest within harmonic resonance. You achieve your highest artistic vibrational expression. You create inspiration wherever you go and co-creativity results.

You are completely supported with easy access to infinite resources. Are you willing to be an expert in happiness? The coherence of your universal spiritual body is maintained by the rotational spin of the golden octahedron transmitting the frequencies through which your universal expressions are sustained.

The blue diamond crystal is the geometry of your luminous multi-dimensional mental body and home to the purity of your fifth dimensional blue heart star. The pink stellated dodecahedron sends the frequencies of your intentions throughout your universal expressions for manifestation. It is the intelligent delivery of your co-creative desires within universal harmonic resonance through which new realities manifest.

Through the green octahedral matrix your physical form is evolving into a silica-based biology. Your Earth Star modulates incoming higher dimensional frequencies to create ease and reduce the painful symptoms of this difficult and physically taxing process. Your etheric body serves as a double terminated crystalline receiver, transmitter, and amplifier serving your entire monadic auric field. The geometry of the universal physical body is the golden spiral.

Through it all forms of life throughout this universe evolve physically into their next dimensional expression.

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